What is A Wild Year?

A Wild Year is about nature. It’s about nature and adventure. It’s about nature and adventure, and possibility. It’s about kicking through leaves, jumping in icy puddles, climbing trees and staring at the stars. It’s 365 days of the outdoors.

For over ten years we have worked towards a better environmental future. We have lectured, and been lectured on, the importance of sustainability, preservation and the value of the natural world.

And increasingly we have done it from behind a computer.

It’s safe to say we lost our way, and so we hatched a plan. Our aim is for balance, a 50/50 split, for looking at nature from both sides of the computer screen.

For every hour inside, we’ll be spending one outside. For a year – to begin with. This isn’t a fad diet, or a respite. This is a lifestyle change.

This is A Wild Year.