December 15 – Robin

For the past few weeks we have had a guest staying with us. And unzipping door number 15 we were greeted, as usual, by his noisy presence. While we claimed tipiHQ as our own outdoor wilderness, we have unwittingly been sharing it. With this little guy:


Meet Robin (Photo: Gina Maffey).

Meet Robin.

We appear to have invited him to stay by digging over some of the area around tipiHQ, and Robin vocally proclaims his enjoyment every morning. The perfect alarm call. It’s a mutually beneficial friendship.

It is a species synonymous with Christmas in the UK, and the only bird to have been named Britain’s National Bird twice (first time round was 56 years ago today).

This morning Robin’s call had a distinct ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ rhythm to it, which is not surprising as at the moment he’s on the look out for a mate. Good luck Robin, we’re rooting for you.

Don’t forget to let us know what your outdoor Christmas traditions are for a chance to win a copy of Alastair Humphreys ‘Microadventures’!

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