December 13 – ADVENTure competition!

Take one thick pair of socks, wrap round a scarf, add a bobble hat and there you go. One person dressed up for Christmas outside… if you’re in Northern Europe that is. Maybe it’s a swimsuit, a towel and a pair of sunglasses for a trip to the beach if you’re spending the festive season in Australia.

Either way, there are traditions all over the world that act as the antidote to rich and plentiful food, bringing a welcome bit of fresh air and a stretch in the legs.

Here are three traditions (on top of the tipi) that will be keeping us outside this season:

  1. Christmas lights – Urban areas put on their fanciest outfits for Christmas, and some of the displays are spectacular. Here in the Netherlands we’ll be heading to the nearest cafe, grabbing a warm blanket and a hot chocolate to sit back and look at the avenues lined with adorned trees and buildings – magic. If you wanted something a little more low key and energy efficient, but equally pretty, you could borrow a tradition from Mexico. Here, luminaria‘s (candles placed in paper bags) are used as decorations. If you wanted to make the bags particularly festive you could get imaginative and cut out snowflake, tree or star shapes.
  2. Carols – Evoking images of the 19th Century, with people wrapped up in wool shawls, ruddy faced and smiling as they move from door to door singing Christmas tunes, carol singing is maybe not as popular as it used to be. But, a good sing-song outside should never be shrugged off – whether your singing with others or just for yourself, and whether it’s ‘Silent Night’ or ‘Frosty the Snowman’ fill the biggest amphitheatre there is, the great outdoors.
  3. The Walk – You know the one, the one that comes after a late lunch. When your stomach feels like it has been stretched to twice it’s usual size yet your still eyeing up the box of chocolates sitting on the table. That’s the time when you need to pull on some boots and head outside.

For us at A Wild Year this will be our second Christmas spent sleeping out of doors, so you could almost call that a tradition. However, it is a tradition we would like to build on, and for that we need inspiration…


We want to know what your outdoor Christmas traditions are, no matter how small! Is it an early morning meander through a local park with the dog, or a day spent on a mountainside. Submit your entry in the comments below, or via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – don’t forget to follow us!) using the hashtag #ADVENTure, before midnight (GMT) on 18th December. The winner will receive a copy of the excellent ‘Microadventures‘ by Alastair Humphreys in the post! Some inspiration for a 2017 out of doors!



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