December 11 – Wood presents

After another heavy storm last night we unzipped door number 11 at tipiHQ to find nature’s very own version of Christmas morning. It was carnage, and the orchard was strewn with branches and plants. So instead of our planned woodland wanderings, today we decided to have a bit of a clean up around the tipi.

With all this wood everywhere it seems a shame just to put it all in the burner, so here’s five things you could make with woody leftovers to give a little back to nature. This is one that is definitely not just for Christmas.

  1. Catapults: who doesn’t love a catapult? Great present for/made with a child – no specification as to how old that child may be. When you come across that perfect Y shaped piece of wood, save it, and team it with your perfect piece of elastic. Then team it with some Seedballs, and get the kids (or yourself) planting wildflowers EVERYWHERE.
  2. Bug Hotels – build ’em high, build ’em big. Bugs love a bit of old wood to live and breed in. Invite some insect friends in next year, and give them the perfect place to stay. You could buy one from a gardening store, but I’m pretty sure the insects will feel the homemade warmth of yours a whole lot more.
  3. Decorations – With their straight lines and angled corners, star shapes are an achievable starting point for everyone. Hang them outside, hang them inside, dip them in glitter, wrap them in ivy, the possibilities are endless. You could even consider covering them with lard and seed for a festive birdy treat.
  4. Build a fire – Ok, I know I said it was a shame to burn all the wood but if there’s just too much of it then it might be necessary. If you are going to burn it, make the most of it. Invite some friends round, put some mulled wine on and get the stories flowing. Once the fire is done and finished make sure you put the ash in your compost for an extra boost of lime and potassium.
  5. Store it and get creative – there are so many things that can be done with leftover wood that it seems only right to save a bit up for when that spark of creativity hits. I’ve collected a lot of the willow today that came down last night, and will be soaking it for future projects … to be continued!

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